Our ingredients do more than taste good

These blends may pack a punch when it comes to flavour - but their ingredients are 100% natural and brimming with protective antioxidants, immunity-boosting vitamins, minerals… plus much, much more of the good stuff.

Tea leaves

Black   Oolong   Green

Many of our blends include whole leaf tea, which has more health benefits than you’d think. L-Theanine, Caffeine and Chlorophyll are great for focus, alertness and energy-boosting, while antioxidants protect, potassium helps regulate body fluid, and manganese is good for healthy bone growth.


Cardamom   Fennel   Liquorice   Black Peppercorns   Ginger   Cloves   Turmeric   Cinnamon

Our spicy blends take you to far-flung places, and bring along some tasty health benefits too. From all the good anti’s (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial), to boosting your immune system and helping with digestion and blood sugar balance – they’re proof that we all need a bit of spice in our lives.


Rooibos   Lemon Verbena   Peppermint   Lemongrass 
Lime Leaves   Dandelion Root

These herbs in our blends are superb; they come packed with vitamins and minerals, plus anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. They’re great for helping with digestion too, and can even reduce stress, and give your immune system a little boost. 


Camomile   Elderflower   Calendula   Rosehip   Hibiscus   Rose Petals

The flowers in our blends aren’t all about the looks. They’re high in Vitamin C, antioxidants and antimicrobials. Some also help lower stress, cholesterol, hypertension and inflammation.


Apple   Mango   Orange   Pineapple   Currants   Lime   Papaya   Grapefruit

Many of our blends contain small pieces of fruit, freeze-dried at source so the nutrients and taste are locked in. In blends where more intense flavour is called for, we use high quality natural fruit flavouring, extracted directly from the real fruit, and all 100% natural.


Bee Pollen   Cacao Shells   Roasted Brown   Riceflakes   Cacao Nibs   Quinoa   Coffee Beans   Dried Arame Seaweed

True to our rule-blending ethos, our teas and infusions contain some ingredients you wouldn’t expect – and they all have their own unique flavours and health benefits.

Bee Pollen 
Nutrient-packed bee pollen adds a slightly floral, subtle bitter-sweet flavour, and is a rich source of vitamins.

Dried Arame Seaweed
Arame's high mineral and Vitamin A content make it a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine, and has a very distinct flavour.  

Cacao Shells
These are the outer portions of the cacao bean. Often discarded by chocolate makers, there’s a lot of goodness in these little shells. We love the deep malty flavour they add.

Coffee Beans
Who said you can't blend coffee and tea? We’ve used whole coffee beans to add a flavour more subtle than that of ground coffee.

This superfood has a delicate grainy flavour that helps balance our more savoury blends.

Cacao Nibs 
Cacao nibs are the raw, pure form of chocolate. Loaded with antioxidants, we use them to bring a potent chocolate flavour to our blends.

Roasted Brown Riceflakes  

Originally used in traditional Japanese Genmaicha (literally ‘brown rice tea’), these add a delicious savoury note that pairs wonderfully with green tea.

Please note, this isn't therapeutic advice. If you suffer a particular condition, you should speak with your doctor about your individual needs.


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    Andrew W.

    Exotic and refreshing tea


    Very creamy and distinctive tea

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    Wonderful distinctive taste - a mix of coffee, cocoa and tea in a cup

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    Great strong breakfast tea

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    My wife is a fan of this one.